I have been promising to post a tutorial for the bag I made earlier this month. Sew without further procrastination, here are the instructions to make this little quilted and embroidered cutie!

camera 8-13-10 097

Here is a photo of the completed bag. Finished size: 7" x 10" not including the corded strap.

I am sure you remember seeing the bag in my August Reinvention Challenge post a couple of weeks ago!

Let's go step by step together to see how to make this little beauty!

Materials required:

Two 8" x 12" pieces of outer fabric for the bag front & back (1/4 yard)

Two 8" x 12" pieces of lining fabric (1/4 yard)

Two 8" x 12" pieces of flannel for bag interlining (1/4 yard)

One  8" x 10" piece of white muslin

Embroidery Design - your choice

Assorted Embroidery floss to stitch your embroidery design

1 yard of Grossgrain Polka Dot Ribbon

1 1/2 yard of 3/8" cord for long bag strap

1 small button

1 small silver sew on snap

One 8" x 12" piece of tracing paper to make your bag pattern

Thin fusible polyester batting

Scissors and Rotary cutter, mat & ruler

Matching thread

Basic sewing tools and equipment

I am sure you have all the basic stuff already!


OK..... ready..... set.....  here we go!!!


camera 8-13-10 020

The first step in making this bag is to complete the embroidery block. The finished size of the bag is approximately 7" x 10" so your embroidery block should be about 5" wide x 6" high maximum. I chose a design from one of my favorite designers and stitched it up on some Kona cotton muslin. I pre-washed the muslin and ironed it. After I traced the embroidery design on the fabric, I added some fusible interfacing to the back of the block before I stitched the design. This helps to hide the stitching on the back of the block so it does not show through on the front. Then embroider your design!

camera 8-13-10 028

Once your embroidery block is done, you will need to trim it to the desired size. I cut mine to be 5" wide and 6" high. I centered the stitched design in the middle of the block.


camera 8-13-10 025

Next, you need to make your pattern, I used a big piece of tracing paper. I drew a rectangle that was 7.5" wide and 11 inches long. One the long side of the rectangle, I measured down 4 inches and drew a line all the way across. Then I found the middle of this line (which would be 3.75"). I marked the center. The I drew 2 lines - one from the each end of the rectangle to the center point on the top of the rectangle to form a "V" shape.

camera 8-13-10 027

The finished pattern will look like this. Cut out your final pattern from the tracing paper.

For your bag, you will need 2 pieces cut from your outside material, 2 pieces from your lining material and 2 pieces of cotton flannel for the interlining.

camera 8-13-10 032

Pin your pattern to your outer fabric and cut 2.

camera 8-13-10 033

Cut 2 from the lining fabric. I used the same fabric for the lining as I used for the outside of the bag. But you can use 2 different fabrics if you would like for contrast.

camera 8-13-10 034

Next cut 2 pieces from the interlining flannel fabric with your pattern. You need the interlining as a backing for quilting purposes.

camera 8-13-10 035

Next, you will need to make two quilt sandwiches - one for the front of your bag and one for the back of your bag. Each quilt sandwich will be comprised of a front bag piece (right side out), a piece of polyester batting in the middle and a piece of the flannel interlining (right side out).

camera 8-13-10 036

I used a thin fusible batting so I used the iron to fuse the batting in between the fabric for the outside of the bag and the interlining flannel fabric. I like the fusible batting because it keeps the fabric in place so the fabric does not "move" during the quilting process!

Iron each of the 2 quilt sandwiches and when the fabrics are fused to the batting, trim off any excess batting from the edges.

camera 8-13-10 037

Next, iron fusible web to the back side of the embroidery block using manufacturer's instructions. Then remove the paper from the back side of the fusible web.

camera 8-13-10 038

Center the design on the front bag piece and fuse in place on the outside front of the bag using a very hot iron.

camera 8-13-10 039

After fusing the design in place, baste around the edges of the design about 1/8" from the edge. Your stitching will go through the entire quilt sandwich including the outside of the bag, the polyester batting and the flannel interlining.

camera 8-13-10 040

Continue all around the entire embroidered design with a straight stitch until the embroidered block is basted in place.


camera 8-13-10 041

Then  quilt the two pieces of the bag .... the front and the back with a free motion quilting design of your choice.

camera 8-13-10 042

Here are my two finished pieces when my quilting was completed.

camera 8-13-10 059

Here is a close up of the front of my bag.

camera 8-13-10 098

Once I was done quilting the front and back of the bag, I added a trim around the embroidered block to cover the raw edge of the muslin fabric.  I pinned and stitched a grossgrain polka dot ribbon around all 4 sides of the embroidery block, pivoting at the corners of the design. I used a dark blue thread to match the ribbon so the stitching would be less visible.

camera 8-13-10 066

It is time now to work on assembling the bag. Pin the back and front of the bag with right sides together and sew the side and bottom edges together. Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance here and throughout the remainder of the tutorial unless otherwise indicated.

camera 8-13-10 067

Sew the lining pieces together as well, with right sides together, leaving a 3 to 4 inch opening on the bottom of the lining for turning purposes. Do not turn the lining right side out.


camera 8-13-10 069

Press the side seams of the bag open on the narrow end of your ironing board.

camera 8-13-10 070

Pin the ends of the cord that you will use as the strap to the upper edges of the bag at the side seams. Adjust the length as necessary to suit your preferences. Hand baste strap in place.


camera 8-13-10 072

camera 8-13-10 073

On the bag, trim the seams especially at the corners so they will not be too thick, and then turn the bag right side out. I used a chopstick to gently push out the lower corners of the bag.

camera 8-13-10 074

Tuck the bag inside the lining (remember the lining is NOT right side out) with the upper raw edges even. Pin every inch or so. Sew around the upper edge of the bag carefully. Pivot at the "V". Reinforce the sewing at the sides where the cord is attached so the cord is well sewn to the bag.

camera 8-13-10 075

With care, turn the bag right side out through the opening in the lining. Turn under and press the raw edges of the lining to the inside. Hand Stitch the opening closed. Then tuck the lining into the bag.

camera 8-13-10 076

Press the edges of the bag with a steam iron so the lining is pressed well to the inside of the bag.

camera 8-13-10 077

Here is another view.

camera 8-13-10 078

Topstitch along the upper edge of the bag about 1/8" from the edge so the lining stays in place.

camera 8-13-10 079

Add a cute button to the front of the bag at the "V". Sew a small snap inside the bag so the bag can be snapped shut easily. Sew one side of the snap behind the button on the lining and the other side of the snap to the adjacent lining.

camera 8-13-10 092

Your bag is finished now! Enjoy!

camera 8-13-10 093

Another view!

camera 8-13-10 094

I sew ♥♥♥ the flower button! It matches the bag perfectly!

camera 8-13-10 095

Close up!

camera 8-13-10 097

What a cute little project to sew up in an afternoon!



Note: This was my first tutorial and I did my best! So, if I missed something or if you have a question, send me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will get back to you with an answer!

The tutorial in PDF format is available HERE! YAY! I did it!!!

Happy Stitching!!!






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Comments (6)
Small bag
6Monday, 29 October 2012 18:54
Just found your tut! Saw your little bag, loved it! Thanks for sharing your wonderful bag.
5Thursday, 25 October 2012 13:35
Absolutely adorable, thank-you for sharing.
Bird design
4Saturday, 11 August 2012 02:39
I just LOVE the three Little Birds design, could you share where it came from??? I WANT IT !!!
embroidered bag
3Saturday, 30 July 2011 21:43
Mary Beth
Very sweet bag...... thank you so very much! You did a great job!
Embroidered Sling bag
2Monday, 04 April 2011 12:26
What a sweet bag! I am going to have to find time to make one (or two... 2 daughters!)

Thank you for sharing, your tutorial is wonderfully-detailed!
thank you
1Thursday, 10 February 2011 20:16
Very cute thank you so much for sharing your work

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