sew addicting button This past week was a very busy one in my sewing world. I am to the point where I  am working my "day job" eight hours a day and not a minute more ... a huge change for me because  before my Dad passed away, I regularly worked 60 - 80 hours a week. What a huge  change! The focus of my life has changed and now I actually spend time enjoying myself ... doing things I "like" to do ... instead of the things I "have" to do. And I am learning how to blog! This is a challenge in and of itself!

Now I come home and the first thing I want to do is have a connection with  something crafty. It has become my "night job"! Somehow the focus on something that I am making with  my hands helps me to relax and takes away all of the stresses and pressures of the day. There are things in my life that are very very stressful to deal with and I am so blessed to have something that alleviates all that intensity. Without my connection to my creative soul, I would be a really lost puppy right now. It is the only thing that is keeping me sane. OK .... maybe I will never be sane ... but it is keeping me saner than I would be otherwise! LOL!

I decided last week to participate in the June Jean Challenge sponsored by Jenny of ELEFANTZ. You can find her blog about her challenge here. Her challenge was "What can you make out of a pair of jeans?" So I went into my bedroom and pulled a used pair of jeans out of the drawer that are now too big for me and looked online to find a pattern that I liked. I stumbled upon the cutest little project ---- a totally adorable Little Letter Needle Book that I found at The link to the tutorial for this project is here. I totally love the fussy cut little postage stamp on the front of the needle case. I made 4 of the little needle cases ... 2 out of the jeans and 2 out of some really adorable frog fabric that I have. Indeed, I am totally enamored with frogs these days!

3 needle case fronts

In the photo above, you can see the 2 needle cases I made from the used jeans and the one I made from the cute little yellow froggie fabric! Adorable! I stitched these up in one evening using the jean pieces cut from the used jeans, scrap for the lining and the yellow fabric was a piece of a fat quarter that I recently bought on sale! On the 2 jean needle books, I embellished the front with a fabric covered button that matches the lining fabric I used. I did make some minor changes to the tutorial instructions. I used interfacing to make the little needle book a little more stiff. I also used fusible web to make sure that the little postage stamp applique stayed in place! YAY!


needle case

Here is the front of the yellow froggie needle book. I love the fussy cut rose stamp that I made with jean fabric underneath. This little cutie is surely a keeper.


green needle case

Here is a photo of the needle book that I made out of green batik fabric. You can see the fussy cut frog stamp. Beyond Frickin' adorable! I would not change a thing! This one is a keeper!

green needle case inside

Here you can see the inside of the needle case. There are 4 "pages" made of green felt where I can store my needles. It even matches my little thread clipping scissors! I keep this in my embroidery case that I take with me every where I go, so I can embroider on the fly! It is a miracle how much stitching time I can get in while I am waiting!

To continue the June Jeans Challenge, I also started working on another project. I have not finished it yet, but here is a sneak peak.

jeans heart

The used jean fabric is the background and I appliqued a big urban heart on it from some scraps I had! I just love the funky and trendy black fabric with the flower and skull pattern on it. I am not sure why I love this fabric so much, but I do! Then I cut a flower out of a fuschia batik fabric for contrast and made a big fabric covered button which I sewed in the center. Awesome! I love it! Can you guess what the completed project will be? I will finish it in the next few days and post the link to the pattern and fab photos when it is finished!

Continuing the theme of the week, I used more of the used jean fabric to make my Dear Diary daily quilt blocks. I also used more of the fabrics I used in the jean challenge to finish those blocks. The blocks were simple and quick. In previous weeks I had spent a lot of time making my daily blocks and this week, I wanted to concentrate on other projects, so used only a few minutes each day to make the Dear Dairy Blocks. Here are the photos of the blocks:


Here is the Jean Challenge Block I made on the same night I made the Little Letter Needle Book. I used the same fabrics.  And on this block I used 2 of the fussy cut little frog stamps. Soooooooooooo cute! There are not words that express how I love this fabric! And I cut one stamp with the frog dancing one way and one frog with him dancing the other way! The stitching is really cute too! Makes me feel like dancing! Ohhhhh..... that could be pretty scary! LOL  Laughing

To read more about my Dear Diary Blocks, look under Projects and choose the option for Dear Diary Quilt. I have been working on this quilt every day since April 1, 2010. I have made a block each day ... so by now I have more than 80 blocks. Whooooo Hoooooo!












To the right are the blocks that I made using the skull fabric. Using my fusible web, I cut out the individual skulls that I like, and then appliqued them to the used jean fabric using black thread and a buttonhole stitch. My favorite of the skull blocks pictured here is the one with the fuschia flower crown with the 2 blue flowers for eyes!





Here is the other one of my favorite skull blocks. I love the green swirls and the orange dots. I cut those individual pieces out of the fabric and fused them to the jean fabric first, then I fused the skull on top of them. Cool fabric. Funky design! Good job, Carla! Creativity outside the box! And you all know how much I like to do things that don't fit in the box!






Last but not least, I had been working up some quilt blocks to use on my website for following me on Twitter. This is the block I made entirely for that purpose. I really really like this one. I embroidered the "Tweet" on top and also embroidered the little musical note. This little birdie is precious to me....


I also reconfigured my twitter page with a cool swirl design. I really like the way it turned out. You can view it here if you would like to take a peek!!! I have been told that on some computers, the design does not show up properly. If you would leave ma a comment if you cannot view it properly, I would appreciate it. And if you are on twitter, please leave me the link as well so I can follow you!

Well, that is enough blogging for now! I am figuring all of this out little by little so please bear with me. I have more projects to share with you that I worked on last week so I will write more in a day or so!

Til then .... happy stitching!



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